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Normally, METRO Thermex TMT bars have the following properties :

Grade Yield Strength
Tensile Strength
METRO Thermex TMT 500 520-565 630-730 16 - 25

Due to high ductility - Safer construction in earthquake zones as in West India. 10 - 15% savings in steel consumption as obtained in developed countries. METRO THERMEX 500 VS Torsteel & CTD Fe 415 .

Parameter Torsteel & CTD Fe415 METRO THERMEX 500
Minimum Yield Strength, N/mm2 415 500
Minimum Tensile Strength, N/mm2 485 590
Elongation % Rusts easily & quickly High corrosion resistance
Weldability Poor Excellent
Use at high temperatures ----- Safer
Use in Earthquake areas ----- Preferred
Consistency High variance in properties Consistency High
Blend Properties ----- Superior
Savings in steel used ----- 10 - 15 %
Global Use Not Permitted Preferred Choice
Minimum Yield Strength, N/mm2 415 500

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