Cut & Bent TMT Bars

As our company continues to develop, we at Metro Ispat are please to inform you that we have come out with our latest product, the "Cut & Bent" TMT bars. Our "Cut & Bent" TMT bars come in ready-to-use sizes. This impacts the cost of construction as it is cut down considerably. Construction site pilferage /wastage & inventory become virtually zero. The site becomes neat, clean & safe to work. Labour is reduced substantially & labour related issues are far less likely to arise. Other nuisance like theft, inventory control, etc. is also avoided.

The big advantages of using Cut & Bent TMT Bars

Zero Inventory Cost: As we provide the order at the right time in the right quantity, it minimizes the production cost.

Minimum Labour Required At Work: Since the TMT Bars are custom-made, there is no additional labour required for cutting and shaping them.

Zero Material Wastage: There is no material wastage simply because the TMT Bars are shaped as per the pre-approved blueprint.

Zero Time Cost: As we provide Cut & Bent bars in ready to use sizes, it helps boosting the construction by reducing the time requires for cutting & bending.

Zero Pilferage | Zero Delays | 100% BBS Compliance | Precision | Quality Assurance | Material Weight Can Be Cross Verified Against BBS Weight & Weight Bridge Weight