mill upgradation

Mill Upgradation

METRO ISPAT has completed the second phase of Mill upgradtion by introduction of Licenced.

THERMEX COOLING TECHNOLOGY OF Hennigsdorfer Stahi Engineering Gmbh (HSE) through its indian Partner- H&K Rolling Mill Engineer’s Pvt.Ltd. in 2001 (H&K).
METRO ISPAT amongst the first re-rollers to install a modern ‘stop-start’ rotary dividing shear of H&K design-essential when TMT rebars are made.

This upgradation is relevant to India and the Western Region in particular, an earthquake zone.

METRO THERMEX TMT 500 Bars ensure greater safety due to very high elongation values of 16-25%.

The use of high strenght Thermex TMT bars allows a saving of 10 to 15% in steel consumption.

Globalization has now brought awareness about demand for Thermex TMT Bars in the country. In keeping with its tradition, METRO ISPAT Management has taken the lead to produce Thermex TMT Bars of international Standards. In most developed countries, only such rebars with minimum 500N/mm2 yield strength is specified for RCC work. METRO ISPAT chose the German THERMEX COOLING TECHNOLOGY for the production of TMT rebars as it is the globally preffered choice. We now offer steel bars for civil construction as used in advanced countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland etc.

The HSE Thermex System has been successfully employed to produce bars of international Standard German Bst 500 of DIN488, British Gr. 450 of BS 444-1978, Swiss Topar 500S of SIA 162, French Fe E50 of NF A35-016 etc.